(WHTM) — Many parents struggle to get their children to eat fruits and vegetables, and even if they do, they are not getting enough.

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According to the CDC, 60% of children do not each enough fruit and 93% do not eat enough vegetables. The recommendation is one to two cups of fruit and one to two cups of vegetables each day depending on a child’s age, gender, and physical activity.

So, how can parents get their kids to eat more? According to new research from Penn State, exposure to these foods increases intake. So their recommendation, after studying preschool children, was to fill half of the child’s plate with fruits and vegetables. By doing so, it increased their consumption by 50%.

Researchers also suggest parents also serve fruits and vegetables first when kids are hungry as it will boost their intake. Also, look for opportunities to incorporate veggies and mixed dishes like blending cauliflower or squash into a sauce for mac and cheese. Or, add a fruit puree into a brownie or cake mix.

For more information on the Penn State study, visit their website by clicking here.