In the first six months of the pandemic, researchers saw activity levels drop 50%. Now, with things returning to normal and the summer Olympics underway, you might be inspired to return to exercise.

So we are sharing tips to help you do that safely. But remember, the goal for kids ages Six to 17 should get an hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day and adults should aim for 150 minutes each week.

If you’re not near that total right now, it’s important to take it slow.

Nicole Wilkerson, an orthopedic athletic trainer with Wellspan says there has been an increase in sports-related injuries since the shutdown began and a lot of it stems from being so inactive and trying to ramp up too quickly.

“My biggest and first tip would be to start slow and keep it really simple,” says Wilkerson.Nothing super crazy. A walk outside or even inside, in front of the TV, some marching in front of the sofa.

After assessing where your current fitness level is and deciding on goals you’d like to work toward, Nicole says to progress slowly, giving your body time to adapt and avoid injury.

But don’t forget, warm up first — then exercise and finish with a cool down like light stretching.