Last week, we shared a study on the correlation between COVID-19 and obesity, saying those who are obese and contracted COVID-19 had worse outcomes. This week, we are sharing ways to get in shape this summer.

If you haven’t worked out in a while, you may be wondering where to start. Health specialists say take it slow.

“I think it’s always really important to kind of take baby steps and ease into it,” said Dr. Marie Schaefer, Cleveland Clinic. “You don’t need to go into the gym and spend an hour and a half doing both cardio and weights right away. I think small incremental steps and changes are the most beneficial, the least intimidating and the most sustainable.”

Dr. Schaefer is a sports medicine specialist for Cleveland Clinic. She says if you don’t feel comfortable going to the gym, you can always exercise outside.

As far as dieting goes, she says stay away from any fad diets. They may give you quick results, but they’re not sustainable long-term.

Dr. Schaefer says it is also important to drink enough water and get enough sleep.

Another thing to note — mental health plays a big role, too. Exercise is linked to improved mental health, but if you find yourself in an anxious or depressed place, Dr. schaefer suggests seeking medical care.