(WHTM) — If you haven’t thought of a New Year’s resolution yet, one option could be to start a self-care routine, which can be beneficial to your health.

“Self-care is anything that we kind of deliberately do or refrain from doing with our own well-being in mind, anything that promotes our own physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual well-being. It doesn’t really have to be more complicated than that,” Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Matthew Sacco said.

Dr. Sacco is a psychologist for Cleveland Clinic. He says self-care should be intentional, meaning you should make sure to set time aside in your normal routine. It also doesn’t have to be something demanding or expensive.

Dr. Sacco says what does matter is that it makes you feel good or relaxed. Some examples could be going for a walk outside if you enjoy nature, taking a bubble bath, journaling, socializing with friends or meditating. It can also be something physical like working out or eating healthy.

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He says self-care is not about being selfish, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. It allows someone to take some much-needed time for themselves.

“So doing this kind of work thoughtfully, in a very planned way, it is absolutely a vital part of us as an individual level being more effective in the world around us. And I will often say, especially, especially to women, you got to be — it’s the oxygen mask on the airplane analogy. They tell you that when you get on, you got to put it on yourself first before you help others,” Dr. Sacco said.

Dr. Sacco says developing a self-care routine can take time in some cases, especially if you’re trying to get used to new habits. So don’t feel pressured to meet a certain expectation or deadline.