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(WHTM) — Tai Chi is one of the main branches of traditional Chinese martial arts. The slow-moving flow of a class has been linked to helping those recovering from COVID-19.

According to the Physical Activity and Health Journal, practicing Tai Chi was linked to the rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients, improving their pulmonary and cardiovascular function, thus enhancing immunity. It also helps reduce anxiety and relieve depression and stress.

Sharon Gochenauer teaches Tai Chi in the Midstate and many of her students say their health has improved from classes.

“One of the ladies told me her blood pressure came down when she went to see her doctor. The stress and anxiety, my son has problems and it helps with that. But for older people, with their joints. Moving in Tai Chi, it’s nice because those arthritic joints, get nice and easily bends up and down. Like hinges, if you don’t use them, they get rusty,” Gochenauer said.

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“My balance has gotten terrible as I’ve gotten older and this is great at improving balance,” student Stuart Kendig said.

Gochenauer says some class participants, especially in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, tend to shy away from exercise classes because of the impact on their joints.

They tell her Tai Chi works better for them.

And mentally, she says her students share their concentration and focus improve from taking classes.

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