(WHTM) — Pennsylvania ranks 4th in the United States for apple production. Now that fall has arrived, it’s the perfect time to go apple picking.

It can be a fun way to spend the weekend with your friends and family. Plus, the popular fruit offers a lot of health benefits.

“Having higher potassium and phosphorus, we know that those are things that are important for patients that have high blood pressure because we know that those are two important components of the DASH-the Dietary Approaches for Stopping Hypertension diet. Having these types of foods are going to help overall. And then, when we control our blood sugar and our blood pressure, this decreases the chances for stroke and improves our overall heart health,” Beth Czerwony RD, a registered dietician with the Cleveland Clinic.

Czerwony says at their core, apples are low in sugar and their skin is high in fiber,

Fiber satisfied hunger, making you feel fuller longer, thus promoting weight loss.

Research suggests eating apples may help lower risk for diabetes too.

In addition, apples are rich in antioxidants, which can boost your gut microbiome and help reduce inflammation.

So, there are are plenty of reasons to pick apples — including their color.

“You’ve got the yellow, you’ve got the red, you’ve got the green, they’re gonna have their own unique antioxidant polyphenols associated with them. And then with that, having that good variety is going to help, with those, improve your overall immune function which, in turn, helps decrease your chances of cancer,” Czerwony said.

It’s important to remember you get the most health benefits from apples when they’re eaten whole, raw and unpeeled.