(WHTM) — It’s no secret social media is a big part of our lives but not everything you consume on social media is positive or helpful.

Right now, there are several TikTok food challenges going viral and celebrity nutritionist Dr. Daryl Gioffre says some can be harmful to our health.

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“It’s just kids eating massive amounts of sugar,” Dr. Gioffre said. “It’s horrible because sugar is the most toxic substance you can put into the body. It’s not even a food, it’s a drug. I call it America’s drug of choice.”

Dr. Gioffre says Americans are overconsuming sugar and it drives up inflammation causing our body to store it as fat. This increases the risk of cardiovascular issues and even causes insulin resistance, leading to Type 2 diabetes.

The first “FoodTok” trend is consuming sugar, through the frozen honey challenge.

“They’re basically putting honey in a bottle, adding ‘crap.’ Completely refined and processed, it makes it solid. Then they squeeze the bottle and this honey stream comes out,” Dr. Gioffre said.

Dr. Gioffre says on its own, honey isn’t the worst thing you can consume. But having a huge amount isn’t healthy and he says the more sugar we consume, the more we will crave it.

The second trend is dipping cucumbers in sugar.

“The funny thing about this is they’re doing it because they say it tastes like watermelon,” Dr. Gioffre said. “So my take on this is, eat the watermelon. Watermelon is a beautiful fruit! It’s like 98% water.”

One TikTok trend Dr. Gioffre can get behind is drinking liquid chlorophyll. Dr. Gioffre says most people don’t get the recommended 5-9 servings of vegetables, so taking supplements like liquid chlorophyll can boost your intake.

He explained chlorophyll is the dark green pigment you find in spinach, kale, swiss chard and sprouts. He says it’s the most powerful food on the planet. It’s loaded with minerals and minerals drive down inflammation from the body.