HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Traditional snow days are starting to become a thing of the past, now that teachers and students got the hang of virtual learning. But experts say this could cause e-learning fatigue.

While some school districts in the area closed on Monday and opted for a make-up day in the spring, others turned to virtual learning. Jessica Borchetti has a daughter in first grade at South Side Elementary and says she’s thankful for the option of virtual learning, but was hoping for canceled classes.

“A snow day preserves just a tiny bit of the childhood that is being taken away from them because of COVID and everything else going on in the world and I think that is important for a kid to be excited about something other than the typical day-to-day,” Borchetti said.

“I think it’s really difficult for kids because kids are at a stage in development where play is really important,” said Mark Sigmund, a therapist at Retreat Behavioral Health.

Sigmund says the stress of the pandemic and increased screen time is leading to depression in children. During class breaks, going on a walk with the kids, having a quick snowball fight, or making plans for once class is over can help.

“Parents, just get your kids outside, bring some normality in,” said Sigmund. “They’ve been under a whole lot of stress this past year and just being able to get out and play with them is really important.”