Cancel breakfast in 2020 — that’s according to Dr. Oz, a popular TV host.

He believes Americans are addicted to food and said if you wake up hungry, it is the equivalent of having a withdrawal from food.

So is breakfast an advertising ploy as he suggests?

Registered Dietitian Holly Doan, the regional nutritionist for Giant Food Stores says breakfast is a great way to start the day and wants everyone to know the benefits.

“Most of the research shows and supports eating breakfast, especially for kiddos,” says Doan. “It shows they have increased focus, attention span, focus in school. It shows adults and kids have improved mood, better blood sugar balance and even better weight management when we eat breakfast.”

According to Dr. Oz, Americans should instead wait until they are hungry to eat.

Doan says when people start the day with balanced breakfast, usually they make better choices all day long.

Not sure what a balanced breakfast is?

Doan says try to have the five food groups in each meal.

She gave examples of scrambled eggs, toast and fruit or if you’re short on time, fruit, toast and peanut butter.