HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The Lead Free Promise Project is launching its campaign Thursday to end lead poisoning in PA.

The project’s mission is to increase funding to help homeowners and landlords with low incomes remove lead-based hazards.

Advocates are calling for legislation that would require all children to be screened for lead poisoning.

The project is a coalition comprised of 38 organizations.

The launch is happening in a Zoom call at 10 a.m.

State leaders, including Pennsylvania’s Acting Secretary of Human Services Meg Snead and state Representative Jim Struzzi will participate in the kickoff.

Childhood lead poisoning can lead to difficulties with learning, interfere with growth, development or hearing and in serious cases, comas and even death.

Children are often exposed through homes built before 1978 with lead-based paint, or certain water pipes.

The state Department of Health says kids also get lead poisoning through some consumer products, like certain toys or jewelry, candles imported from other countries and parents’ jobs or hobbies that involve working with lead-based products that may lead them to bring lead into homes.

This project is all part of ThrivingPA.com, which is a nonpartisan campaign aiming to improve quality and increase equitable access to various aspects of health care.

The state provides resources for families regarding lead poisoning online.