Midstate mother on a mission to spread the word and encourage others to get flu shot


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Flu season is just right around the corner, but the virus is already making rounds. A Midstate mother is urging people to get their flu shots right away including kids.

According to health experts, flu season is expected to start in October however cases are starting to emerge. To see this season has started early during an ongoing pandemic is a major concern for parents.

“And I took her temp it was 99.8 and thought, something isn’t right here, this is probably not allergies,” said Caitlin Campbell.

Campbell says in the middle of September, her 5-year-old daughter Eleanor got really sick. She had a stuffy nose, was very tired, and had a headache. Days later, Eleanor went to the doctor and got a rapid COVID/flu test and the results came back negative for COVID but positive for Influenza.

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“You know, I’m a mom, I’m anxious I don’t want my kids to be sick, no one wants their kids to be sick so just knowing that she had it this early does make me anxious on what this season will bring,” Campbell said.

Campbell says she was in complete shock.

“I was kinda in panic mode because I thought this is so early, I was just thinking what is this season going to be like,” Campbell said.

Health professionals say last year’s flu season was very mild thanks to masking and social distancing. Experts are hoping for the same result this upcoming flu season. However, flu cases during an ongoing pandemic could cause much strain for area hospitals.

“And we are urging people to get their flu shot because there is the potential for this flu season to be more severe,” UPMC Infectious disease Dr. John Goldman said.

“I think if you can get it as early as you can to do it, I know it takes several weeks to be effective so if you can do it now, I would do it,” Campbell said.

Campbell says she’s on a mission to spread the word and encourage folks to get their shot.

“Yeah I think anything that you can do to help the community help medical professionals do it, just go get your flu shot,” Campbell said.

Campbell also says everyone especially those who have children should begin and get their flu shot. This will be a huge effort to protect those around them and prevent the flu to spread.

Campbell also says Eleanor is feeling much better.

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