(WHTM)– RSV season is ramping up, it’s a virus that can become severe for the elderly, infants, and young children, and Penn State Health says it has three babies with RSV in the NICU.

This season there is a new tool to prevent RSV for babies from birth to eight months is a monoclonal antibody shot, but the rollout for that is slow. Doctors at Penn State Health say they have supply but not as much as they would’ve hoped.

“Unfortunately, the supply is not as good as we would’ve hoped we anticipated being able to give this to all eligible babies, but we found that we’re waiting for the doses to come in and the doses that are more a little bit more available are the 50 mg doses and so far younger babies we might be able to have it available, but for the older babies we’re still waiting for those doses to come through. It’s based on weight,” Dr. Katherine Shedlock said.

WellSpan Health also has shipments but says supplies continue to be limited