(WTAJ) — Pennsylvania has now had 27 confirmed cases of monkeypox across the state, putting the commonwealth at number eight for the virus in the United States, according to data from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

The first US case was confirmed in Massachusetts by someone recently returning from Canada. Since then, the US has confirmed 866 cases as of July 11.

California now leads the pack with 148 cases — a stark contrast to Pennsylvania’s 27 cases. However, with 10 states showing zero cases, this puts Pennsylvania at number eight in the United States with confirmed cases.

The states/territories ahead of Pennsylvania are California, DC, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts and New York.

Monkeypox has sickened people for decades in central and west Africa, but until May, the disease had not been known to cause significant outbreaks in multiple countries at the same time and involving people with no travel links to the continent.

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Transmission of the monkeypox virus is different than what we became familiar with due to COVID-19. Instead of close contact within six feet and spreading through respiratory droplets, monkeypox needs much longer and more intimate contact with an infected person or their clothing.