HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The Pennsylvania Senate unanimously passed a bill that would repeal the state’s Frozen Dessert Law due to newer more updated regulations on the state and federal level.

Senate Bill 152 repeals the 1965 bill, which deems “frozen desserts” as “ice cream, frozen custard, French ice cream, French custard ice cream, artificially sweetened ice cream, artificially sweetened ice milk, ice milk, freezer made milkshakes, fruit sherbet, water ice, quiescently frozen confection, quiescently frozen dairy confection, whipped cream confection, bisque tortoni, mellorine frozen desserts as all such products are commonly known, together with any mix used in such frozen desserts and any products which are similar in appearance, odor, or taste to such products or are prepared or frozen as such products are customarily prepared or frozen, whether made with dairy or non-dairy products.”

The bill also repeals regulations regarding the adulteration of frozen desserts and thorough sanitation within frozen dessert plants.

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“Pennsylvania has a robust system of food safety rules and regulations that protect our residents,” Ward said. “Repetitive and ineffective rules place burdens on employers without enhancing public safety and we need to remove them to make Pennsylvania competitive with other states.

The bill is now headed to the state House of Representatives for a vote.

Senate Bill 152, which was passed alongside Senate Bill 361, which would add one additional judge to the Huntingdon County, Northumberland County, Chester County, Columbia County, Montour County, and Butler County Courts of Common Pleas, was introduced by Senator Judy Ward (R).

Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill (R), Senator Pat Stefano (R), Senator Doug Mastriano (R), Senator Scott Martin (R) and Senator Scott Hutchinson (R) also backed the bills.