What’s Going Around: COVID-19, respiratory infections, stomach bug

What's Going Around

This week, pediatricians at Penn State Children’s Hospital are seeing common colds, viral respiratory infections and COVID-19.

Pediatricians at Penn State Health Medical Group locations in Cumberland County are seeing bronchiolitis and upper respiratory infections.

This week the CVS MinuteClinic in York reported viral conjunctivitis and upper respiratory infections.

Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Physicians Roseville Pediatrics reports COVID-19, viral illnesses, urinary tract infections, roseola, rashes, ear infections and diarrhea this week.

“Roseola is a virus that typically causes very high fevers, often 102 to 105 degrees, for two to three days, often without any other symptoms, though sometimes with cold symptoms,” Dr. Joan Thode said. “It’s followed by a break in the fever and shortly thereafter the start of a lacy red rash over the torso, belly and face. While the viral illness can be spread when the child has the fever, once in the rash stage, the child is no longer contagious despite being spotty.”

“A quick reminder about fevers; treatment of fevers with Tylenol or ibuprofen is based on comfort of the child, not the number of degrees,” Thode said. “Taking away the fever can make a child feel better and become more likely to drink and stay hydrated. However, if your child has a 103 degree fever and is otherwise happily playing or eating, it is not imperative to treat the fever. The aim during a fever is hydration and comfort for your child. All fevers lasting five consecutive days should be evaluated by a physician in the office and likely additional testing.”

WellSpan Pediatric Medicine Physicians across southcentral Pa. are seeing kids with a stomach virus and a few asthma exacerbations, as well as continued cases of COVID-19.

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