Women-led birth control prescription and delivery service expands to Pa.


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PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — The women-founded, women-led, doctor-led birth control delivery company Pandia Health has expanded and is now able to prescribe birth control for Pennsylvanians.

“Pandia Health is the end-to-end solution from an online doctor’s visit to medications delivered by mail to you,” Dr. Sophia Yen, CEO, and co-founder of Pandia Health explained. “Our thing is no one runs out of birth control on our watch.”

Yen, who is also a professor at Stanford, was inspired to create Pandia Health when giving a talk about birth control. The question, “Why don’t women take their birth control?” came up, and Yen found that one of the top reasons is that they simply don’t have it in their hands or don’t have a convenient way to get it.

Hoping to combat this challenge and the “pill anxiety” that comes with frequently needing to get to the pharmacy in a timely manner to refill birth control prescriptions, Yen co-founded Pandia Health with Perla Ni and Elliott Blatt.

“You set it and forget it, and we’ll ship it to you and just keep shipping it to you until you tell us to stop, and that was the whole idea,” Yen said. She says Pandia Health’s birth control delivery “is about confidentiality and convenience.”

Each delivery comes in discreet packaging and includes an extra little “something to delight you” like Hi-Chews or a small gift from a female-founded business. And the delivery is free.

The organization has options for people with and without insurance or prescriptions. For people who already have a prescription, they can transfer it to Pandia Health, which will fill it and deliver it.

Individuals who do not yet have a prescription can fill out a questionnaire with their pertinent medical information, and then one of Pandia Health’s doctors will look at the information and write a prescription, which is filled by the organization’s partner pharmacy. This costs $20 per year (the prescription must be renewed annually).

While Pandia Health can deliver birth control to all 50 states, its doctors can only prescribe birth control in 13 states, one of which is now Pennsylvania.

Pandia Health bills individuals’ insurance companies to fill their prescriptions, but “no insurance, no problem,” Yen said. For those without insurance, the cost for most birth control pills is $15 per pack.

Only birth control pills can be delivered directly to individuals by Pandia Health, but its doctors can also prescribe the patch or the ring to be picked up at one’s local pharmacy.

“We’re starting with birth control, but we’re growing with women as they grow,” Yen said. Pandia Health will soon launch products for acne, and Yen is also working on providing products addressing menopause.

Being women-founded and women-led helps Pandia Health best address the challenges and concerns women face when it comes to their health and their birth control, Yen said.

“I understand your pain, and I’m also a mother of two daughters, so I’m building this company for me, but I’m also building it for my daughters and their friends and anybody with a uterus out there,” Yen said.

Whether it’s helping prevent unplanned pregnancy, regulate periods, or even manage conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome, Yen hopes Pandia Health can help make birth control accessible for anyone who wants it.

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