Dr. Jennifer Ashton of abc News and GMA made headlines in January by giving up alcohol. This month, she’s focusing on another beverage; water. And you might say it’s the opposite of going dry.

Ashton says most days, the only water she consumed came in the form of coffee. She’s had three kidney stones caused by dehydration.

She says increasing your water intake can affect your appetite, your energy level, your skin, headaches and your sleep.

So how much water should we be drinking every day?

According to most guidelines, it’s about 90 ounces a day for women and 122 ounces a day for men. Height, weight and age all play a factor in that number.

Ashton says when you feel hungry, your body might actually be telling you that you’re thirsty. A lot of foods can hydrate you as well, including watermelon, broccoli and lettuce.

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