Healthy Living: Study finds “goal” number of fruits and veggies to consume each day


We all know fruits and veggies are healthy, but it turns out there is an exact number to shoot for if you’re trying to boost your health.

New research out of Harvard spills the beans on what may be the secret to a longer life. They call it “Five-a-Day,” meaning five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Researchers found it was linked to living longer. They even perfected the recipe; two fruits and three vegetables worked the best.

It wasn’t just overall years added. People who ate five healthy servings per day faced lower rates of lung disease, cardiovascular disease and death from cancer.

And they found that more is not always better. There was no extra boost when people at more than five servings per day.

This doesn’t apply to all vegetables; the study showed that potatoes and other starchy vegetables won’t lengthen your life.

The average American eats only one serving of fruit and one-and-a-half servings of vegetables per day.

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