It is Hospice & Community Care’s 39th Labor Day auction… annual event that brings support from the community.

“The community sees us Each year and sees what we’re doing all year long and it’s their chance to come back to us and say here we want to support that we want to make sure that doesn’t go away and as you can see from the faces of the people bidding inside they’re having a great time,” said Steve Knaub, President & CEO of Hospice & Community Care.

The event features Amish-made food, handmade quilts, vacation packages, original artwork, high-end jewelry, and more….but the real attraction was the auction.

“All the money raised here is used for direct care for patients and families, as well as our body expensive treatments items like our inpatient center or pathway center for grief and loss are utilizing can do those things because of the money that we were raising here,” said Knaub.

Last year, the auction raised a record 950 thousand dollars. A number they hope to meet or beat this year. Proceeds will hopefully help hospice & community care provide care for even more patients. Since 1980… They’ve taken care of thousands of people through end-of-life care and grief support.

“Tomorrow we will be back using those funds for the care we’re providing because if we just simply can continue to do what we’re doing without the extra support like those million dollars provide it is amazing to us,” said Knaub.

We just got word that it was another record year…The auction brought in one million dollars…all thanks to the generous community.