House backs bill to bring gambling to internet, but not bars


HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – The Pennsylvania House of Representatives is backing a measure to expand gambling to the internet and airports, but it rejected a more sweeping expansion of casino-style gambling to bars.

The measure passed, 115-80, in a preliminary vote Wednesday to allow gambling on websites and in airports. It also would regulate daily fantasy sports betting. An earlier vote to also authorize slot-machine-style gambling in thousands of bars failed by 37 votes.

Proponents say it would raise up to $270 million in license fees and taxes in an 11th-hour attempt at scrounging cash to help balance a deficit-plagued state budget.

A final vote was possible Thursday, just seven days until Pennsylvania’s fiscal year deadline. Its prospects are unclear in the Senate and Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s support isn’t guaranteed.

Three other states allow online gambling.

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