WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — The Senate Special Committee on Aging sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission’s chair, on Friday, to express concerns about “increasing threats posed by artificial intelligence (AI) related frauds and scams.”

The senators point to “an increase in cases of scammers utilizing AI to impersonate loved ones to scam people, often the elderly, out of money.”

Chapman University professor Dr. Niklas Myhr says there are steps people can take to avoid scams.

“If there ever will be a situation in which somebody calls and claims to have kidnapped, kidnapped your child or whatever and the and they talk to you just have a secret code word,” Myhr said.

“You need to establish some way to verify that it’s the actual person. Now you can mimic voices. Soon you will have more people trying to do scams with video impersonations as well,” he said.

Myhr says there are also concerns that artificial intelligence will be used to imitate your favorite musicians’ voices.