HUMMELSTOWN, Pa. (WHTM)– People usually drive past Hummelstown on the way to Hershey or Harrisburg, but borough council members say, don’t ignore the quaint charm of the downtown area.

“Small businesses truly are the heartbeat of our town and I would say as a borough we are doing everything that we possibly to support them and promote them and help them succeed,” Borough Council Member Dee Vangavree said.

Hummelstown is starting a new campaign; one they hope will increase tourism in the downtown area.

“Looking to help improve the downtown we have our volunteers that are key to our organization our businesses the local government we feel we all work together we can help improve the economic development of our community almost every town is a wonderful community,” Borough Council Member Teresa Everly said.

Hummelstown is located just three miles from Hershey, and nine miles from the capital city, making it hard to attract tourism.

“Well we have millions of visitors passing by Hummelstown on a daily basis to go to Hershey and Harrisburg and it’s our hope that they’ll find our town quaint and charming,” said Vangavree.

For Toys in the Square owner, Grafton Stine, the business has been going smoothly,

“I feel that’s a lot of people come from Hershey to Hummelstown because Hershey’s downtown is just a restaurant really there’s no real shopping, that what people are coming to Hummelstown for,” said Stine.

But in a borough with a little over 4,000 people, it’s not enough,

“I think the biggest thing is hard we all have hearts there’s so much support here from volunteers and businesses we all support each other we care about each other and we want everyone to do well so if you’re here you’ll feel that support you’ll feel that love,” said Everly.

The campaign will feature new events and plans in the near future for more information visit