ICU doctor creates app to help patients on ventilators communicate faster


FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) — Being able to communicate with your doctor, nurse or even your family members is very important, but can be challenging when on a ventilator.

ICU Doctor Chandar Abboy and his partner came up with a way to give a voice to the voiceless. The app called “Yo Doc” allows patients on ventilators to better communicate their needs and feelings.

“Patients and a lot of families often struggle with the notion that I cannot communicate with my loved one and the patient who is lying in the bed and is scared and confused is also trying to tell his family something …whatever it might be and so for them to be able to tell their family something like “I’m not in pain”, “I’m doing okay”, “I love you”, it means a lot to them and gives them a piece of mind to be able to communicate,” Dr. Abboy says.

Dr. Abboy says this app was created to help patients communicate things like “It is a 5 to 6 on the pain scale.” There’s even an option for patients to circle where on the body they may be in pain.

Renita Abboy, Director of Marketing and Customer Service of “Yo Doc,” says they hadn’t used this app much before the pandemic, but now is the perfect time to use it.

“This makes it much easier, much faster and makes sure that you get heard,” Abboy says.

So now within seconds patients who can’t speak can express how they are feeling. Director Abboy says they are also keeping up with different Covid support groups online to incorporate different tips on the app.

This app is phone and tablet accessible. It is free for the first 24 hours of use and then $4.99 flat rate after that.

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