(WHTM) — A prison inmate escapes custody, a carjacking suspect leaves behind a selfie, and predictions for Pennsylvania’s winter weather — here are five of this week’s most-viewed stories you might have missed.

1. Dauphin County Prison inmate escapes custody at Harrisburg Hospital

Police are searching for Dauphin County Prison inmate Autum Flowers, who was incarcerated earlier in November on drug-related charges, after she escaped custody at Harrisburg Hospital on Monday.

Flowers was in the hospital for a reported medical need. She was being guarded by two corrections officers, who were placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.

2. Carjacking suspect leaves selfie on victim’s phone

Picture of carjacking suspect (Courtesy of Megan Whisler)

Megan Whisler was sitting in her car outside an assisted living facility in Indianapolis when a stranger with a gun approached her vehicle. Whisler got out of her car and gave the man her keys. He took her phone, as well, and left in her car.

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Police tracked Whisler’s phone and found it about 15 minutes away where the carjacker had tossed it out of the vehicle. The man also left a clue on the phone…an apparently accidental selfie. Police are using the selfie to continue searching for the carjacker.

3. 13-year-old shot after argument over scooter, witnesses say

A 13-year-old was shot and critically injured in Tampa, Florida after neighbors said they heard people arguing about an electric scooter.

Scooters have become a contentious issue in the area recently, neighbors said. Some residents say the scooters are causing issues in the community, while others say guns are the bigger problem.

4. Winter Outlook 2021-22: First Snowfall Not Far Away

The abc27 Weather Team predicts an overall warmer-than-average winter with the colder and more active weather coming earlier in the season. Snowfall is expected to be within 10 inches of average this season. The occasional smaller snowstorm is possible, as is a quintessential “white Christmas.”

The abc27 meteorologists look at previous winters with similar conditions to this year’s when estimating the weather Pennsylvania will experience this season.

5. Kyle Rittenhouse considering name change, return to college

(Sean Krajacic-Pool/Getty Images)

Last week, Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of first-degree intentional homicide and four other charges in relation to fatal shootings in Wisconsin in 2020 during a night of protests over police violence against Black people. Following the verdict, Rittenhouse said he is considering changing his name, among other things.

In addition to the name change, Rittenhouse said he may grow a beard and try to lose some weight, and he plans to move out of Illinois (he would not say where he wants to move specifically due to concerns of harassment). Also planning to resume college study, Rittenhouse said he would “just like to try to be normal.”