PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — The person behind the Joe Biden Taliban billboard is revealed, the FBI warns of a new twist on a scam targeting grandparents, and first responders are urged not to take patients to hospitals overwhelmed by COVID-19 — here are five of this week’s most-viewed stories you might have missed:

1. Who’s responsible for the Joe Biden Taliban billboard over I-83 in York County?

Biden Taliban billboard
Who’s responsible for the Joe Biden Taliban billboard over I-83 in York County?

A billboard along the highway in York County depicts President Joe Biden dressed in a military outfit next to text reading, “Making the Taliban Great Again!”

Former Pennsylvania State Senator and gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner is responsible for the billboard, said Trone Outdoor Advertising, which is the company that operates the billboard.

2. FBI warns of scam targeting grandparents; back around with a new, intense twist

The FBI is warning of a revamped scam targeting grandparents. According to the agency, scammers are contacting elderly individuals and posing as grandchildren or other family members. The scammers claim that they have been charged with a crime like a DUI and need bail money.

The scam is a common one, but now the FBI says scammers are actually showing up at elderly individuals’ homes in person to try to collect the money.

3. Cause of death revealed in accident at Three Mile Island


Alabama resident Michael Miller was killed in a “material handling accident” at Three Mile Island on the morning of Friday, Sept. 10. Officials say the site contractor employee was killed while unloading equipment from a truck. Miller’s cause of death was determined to be traumatic asphyxia, and his manner of death was ruled accidental.

4. Overloaded emergency rooms creating issues for Susquehanna Twp. paramedics and EMTs

With Midstate hospitals understaffed and overwhelmed by COVID-19, first responders are being encouraged not to take patients to the emergency room.

Don Kunst, who works with Susquehanna Township EMS, said that hospitals legally can’t turn patients away, but overcrowded emergency rooms can create extra stress for patients. In some places, patients may wait hours in the hospital until being seen by medical staff.

Emergency Medicine Central Pa. Vice President Craig Skurcenski said that healthcare workers’ primary mission is to care for those in need of critical care. Skurcenski noted that not everyone needs to go to the emergency room for treatment; when possible, individuals with low-risk injuries and illnesses should visit other health clinics like urgent or express care centers.

5. Man attempts to run down six Troopers walking into Harrisburg Cathedral, PSP says

Scottish Rite Cathedral

Pennsylvania State Police say 45-year-old Jamal Kimani Crummel of Harrisburg allegedly attempted to hit a group of six Troopers with his car outside the Scottish Rite Cathedral on Wednesday. No injuries were reported. Crummel was taken into custody. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.