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PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — How much did you catch in the news this week? Test your news knowledge in this quiz!

Hershey announced the return of two fan-favorite treats this week. One has double the peanut butter and no chocolate, and the other has an extra layer of peanut butter with a milk chocolate bottom. Hershey is also offering the chance for Reese’s lovers to win free Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for a year or even for life. What holiday is Reese’s celebrating with these promotions?

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There are nine Republican governor candidates vying for votes in Pennsylvania’s primary, but there’s only one Democrat running in the state’s gubernatorial primary election. Who is that Democrat? Watch some of the Republican candidates in a debate hosted at abc27 on April 27.

It’s been a four-year-long saga so far, and it isn’t over yet. A federal judge this week ordered the FBI to hurry its release of records about what Pennsylvania-related event?

“I urge the school board to preserve the innocence of our children,” a person at a Northern York County School District board meeting this week said. A proposal discussed at the meeting sparked a strong response from district community members and was ultimately rejected by the school board. What was the proposal?

As the national travel mask mandate was extended and then terminated and then had its termination appealed in recent weeks, an indoor mask mandate in Philadelphia has also experienced some turbulence. The city announced that it was reinstating its indoor mask mandate last week. Where does Philadelphia’s indoor mask mandate stand now?