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PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — How much did you catch in the news this week? Test your Pennsylvania news knowledge in this week’s quiz!

Several new laws are taking effect in Pennsylvania in this new year, such as which of these: fentanyl test strips are decriminalized; drivers who have at least $250 in unpaid tolls can have their registrations suspended; 17-year-old junior firefighters can train on live-burn, interior firefighter modules with guardian/chief permission; or all of those?

Who is the newly elected speaker of the Pennsylvania House? Questions remain after the election, such as whether the representative will change his party registration to independent, and the new speaker has avoided answering questions so far.

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The final score of the Rose Bowl was 35-21. Who won?

Ladybug the Lancaster County dog celebrated her birthday this week. She is believed to be the oldest dog in the United States, predating the current Guinness World Record holder by several months. How old did Ladybug turn this week?

The 2023 PA Farm Show begins this weekend. The popular butter sculpture was unveiled this week. What is the design of the butter sculpture this year?

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