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PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — How much did you catch in the news this week? Test your Pennsylvania news knowledge in this week’s quiz!

A recent Trafalgar Group poll found that, with the support of 3.5% of voters polled, a third-party candidate may garner enough votes to sway the close Pennsylvania Senate race in favor of either of the top two candidates. The poll had Democrat John Fetterman leading Republican Mehmet Oz with 47.7% to 45.9%.

A rally at the Pennsylvania capitol on Tuesday celebrated the introduction of House Bill 2813, also called the Parental Rights in Student Health Care Act. What does the bill aim to do?

Another bill in the Pennsylvania legislature is trying to ban the intentional release of what? Supporters of the bill say the released objects are a danger to wildlife, livestock, and pets that may ingest them.

An analysis by iSeeCars estimated the annual cost to charge an electric vehicle (specifically a Volkswagen ID.4) in Pennsylvania. What is that approximate annual charging cost?

Some Pennsylvania beekeepers noticed their bees producing darker honey with a slightly different flavor this year. Why is this?

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