(WHTM) — Have you heard about car companies charging subscription fees for things like heated seats?

Mercedes, BMW, and others have started doing this, but a state senator wants to make that illegal in Pennsylvania.

“Why are you going to spend money on things that come with the car, it doesn’t make sense,” said Rivera.

In car-subscriptions have always been an issue, but a newly proposed bill can fix that. Lawmakers want to ban in-car subscriptions for features or hardware installed when you buy a vehicle in Pennsylvania. Any violation will result in a $5,000 penalty for each instance.

“Of course, I support anything that can help people save money, especially right now you know, we’re in what people consider trying economic times. I definitely think it makes sense to allow people to put more money in their pockets rather than things they feel are nonvital,” said William Trostel of Harrisburg.

Certain manufacturers charge a subscription for things like seat warmers, cruise control, satellite radio, navigation, and backup cameras. According to Kelly Blue Book and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average new car price at the beginning of 2023 is $49,388.

“The community needs money in their pockets, people lose money enough buying the car, people been going through this since COVID, so why not support a bill that saves people money,” said Mario Rivera, a Harrisburg resident.

So far, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Audi, Porsche and tesla only charge for in-car subscriptions. If you currently have one of these brands, you would not be charged until the purchase of a new vehicle.