HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Friday is expected to be a busy day for travel as many people head out for the holiday weekend, but weather and staffing issues at airports have been causing problems.

Over the 4th of July weekend, Harrisburg International Airport is expecting up to 18,000 passengers in and out of the airport, with Friday being the busiest day for travel. HIA says passenger volume is getting close to pre-pandemic levels, but it isn’t there yet because there aren’t enough crews.

Staffing shortages and weather issues have impacted flights across the country. Delta pre-emptively cut hundreds of flights from its schedule between July 1 and Aug. 7 due to staffing concerns. On Thursday, off-duty Delta pilots were picketing at major Delta hubs across the country amid ongoing union contract negotiations.

HIA spokesperson Scott Miller says most people are getting where they need to go, but it can be frustrating when flights get canceled. Miller encourages travelers to keep that in mind when booking a trip.

“You want to give yourself options and flexibility. If you have a cruise or you’re going to a wedding…if you have somewhere you have to be, you’ve got to go the day before. And if you do have a problem, it gives you some potential options to get there,” Miller said.

“The days of getting in a 3 o’clock and getting to where you need to be at 5 o’clock, which you might have done 10 years ago, you can’t rely on that these days. Give yourself options. Give yourself flexibility,” Miller reiterated.

Car travel is expected to break records this weekend despite high gas prices. AAA predicts 42 million will hit the road.