LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace says the city anticipates using contact tracing to track coronavirus. Sorace made that announcement during a countywide update on Tuesday.

Dr. Michael Ripchinski from Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health said the coronavirus is still spreading in Lancaster County.

Lancaster County recently saw 93 cases in one day, which is the highest single-day spike the county has seen during the pandemic.

Sorace said through contact tracing, city workers will call those who were recently near someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

“The way we try and get the lid back on the box is to isolate and contain the virus as much as possible to prevent the community-based spread,” she explained.

Lancaster is the only municipality in the state without it’s own health department that will be using contact tracing.

“We never want to be back in this kind of stay at home order again as we move through this crisis,” Sorace said. “The contract tracing is one more tool in the tool box.”

Sorace said she realizes how dense the city is, which she said puts more people at risk for getting the virus.

Sorace said contract tracing will help the city recover.

“In terms of restarting the economy and making sure the city is all in terms of recognizing the interplay between the city and the county’s economy is huge,” she said.

Sorace said she was unsure as to when contract tracing would start, but she added that the city would be training employees on contact tracing soon.