Lancaster woman surprised $1.50 weekly tax payback got Paul Ryan's attention

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) -- A school secretary in Lancaster says she's saving $1.50 a week under the tax overhaul plan, but ever since House Speaker Paul Ryan pointed that out on Twitter, it's causing some controversy.

Julia Ketchum says she was surprised Ryan mentioned her in a tweet, which has since been deleted.

"My daughter said, 'Mom, don't Google yourself," said Ketchum, who has worked for the Hempfield School District for four years.

This weekend, Ketchum got caught up in a Twitter firestorm because of the tweet. Ryan cited an Associated Press article, mentioning Ketchum, on the impact of the $1.5 trillion tax overhaul. Under the plan, many Americans will see less of their earnings withheld.

"There were other people in the article that had made hundreds more. They netted more than I netted, so that might have been a better thing to tweet about rather than the $1.50," Ketchum said.

In the article, Ketchum was asked what she would do with the money. She says the average payback of $78 a year might cover a Costco membership.

When Ryan brought up the Costco comment on Twitter to tout the tax plan, he quickly received criticism.

Dmitriy Krichevskiy, an economist with Elizabethtown College, says the top one percent earners are set to receive an average yearly payback of over $50,000, but middle-income earners are looking at an average of $900.

"It's still, by and large, going to go to well-to-do people, the top income earners," Krichevskiy said.

Some companies said the tax overhaul allowed them to give bonuses to workers. Walmart offered a $1,000 bonuses to senior employees and increased their hourly wage to $11. However, they simultaneously closed several of their Sam's Club stores.

"I think there's small benefits in it for most Americans, but is this the best you can do for one-and-a-half trillion dollars? I don't think so," Krichevskiy said.

Since the Twitter storm, Ryan has tweeted other examples of people who did get back hundreds of dollars in their paychecks.

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