HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – With only a few days left before NFL teams report for training camps, LeSean McCoy came back home to Harrisburg for a few days. He capped off his visit with a free football camp for kids through the NFL’s Play 60 initiative and the Shades of Greatness Foundation.

“I’ve grown up in these same streets,” McCoy said prior to the start of Saturday’s camp on how his presence can help young kids in Harrisburg, “To see somebody (like me) that’s been in these same shoes and have done it, it means a lot.”

The camp is a departure from the kind of attention McCoy has received in the press over the past several months. In February, video surfaced of a night club brawl involving McCoy, his friends, and off-duty police officers. Both the NFL and Philadelphia District Attorney’s office opened investigations in to the incident, but neither found any wrongdoing by McCoy. Still, the mixture of news coverage and ‘sports talk’ surrounding the incident left Shady feeling left in the dark.

“The only opinions that people really get about players is what they see on TV or what the media gives them. People will have their own opinions, and I’m fine with that.”

With the 2016 NFL season on the horizon, Harrisburg is also mourning the loss of another native son, and longtime NFL head coach Dennis Green. While McCoy says he didn’t have much of a direct relationship with Green, their paths still crossed in a special way in the NFL.

“My first experience with him was when my brother (LeRon) got drafted in ’06 to the Cardinals, that was pretty cool. Dennis Green called my brother and told him they’d be drafting him. He’ll be missed a lot.”