Libre’s mom Bella adopted, new change to animal cruelty procedures in Lancaster County


LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) – We’ve been following the story of Libre, the puppy found severely neglected on a Lancaster County farm. He’s been adopted by Janine Guido of Speranza Animal Rescue, and now his mom has a home to call her own.

Libre’s mother spent much of her 16-month-old life giving birth to puppies on a farm in Quarryville. She had bright pink mange and was known as “Carla” when we first saw her at the Lancaster County SPCA on July 12. Her story is now very different.

Jerry and Susan, of Willow Street, adopted Carla and renamed her Bella. The couple don’t want to release their last name due to privacy concerns. They went to the shelter and looked at two dogs, but neither of the pups were a good fit.

“A dog had just come into the shelter that had been in foster care,” Susan said.

Jerry and Susan say Bella had been fostered for about a month by Amanda Perry, LCSPCA Executive Director Susan Martin’s daughter, where she learned basic housebreaking and socialization skills.

The couple went to the shelter two weeks ago. Staff brought Bella from the back of the shelter for Jerry and Susan to meet.

“We went outside and were introduced to Carla, and it was love at first sight,” Susan said.

Bella got spayed before leaving the shelter. She had two litters of puppy in her young life.

Susan and Jerry say she’s doing great with her housebreaking and signals when she needs to go outside. She’s also learning to eat out of a bowl. The pair say the breeder threw dog food on the ground.

“Now that I’m home all the time, I had this dream of wanting a dog that I could be close to and all of that. I’m just happy for the opportunity,” Jerry said.

Jerry is retired, and Susan is semi-retired.

Libre’s story is bringing new change to the county. Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman says the Humane Society of the United States will be training state and municipal police, who now act as the county’s animal cruelty officers.

“I do think there’s going to be some good coming from it. We’re already seeing that here in Lancaster County. We’ve got stuff to learn and do better, but I think we have a goal. We have a path going forward, and it’s going to be better for the county and the animals in the county,” Stedman said.

Bella is bringing laughter to Jerry and Susan and making life complete for this family of three.

“It was just meant to happen, and I’m just really happy for it,” Jerry said.

Jerry and Susan would like to plan a reunion with Libre in the fall. They will call Speranza Animal Rescue to coordinate it.

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