LINGLESTOWN, Pa. (WHTM) – In a Taliban news conference Tuesday, it was claimed how they won’t behave in the ways that have so many Afghans trying to escape from Afghanistan.

Many veterans find similarities between the Taliban’s takeover and another infamous moment in American military history.

In 1968, Harrisburg native Leroy Lippi was drafted into the United States military at the age of 19. Lippi, the infantry combat veteran experienced challenging times in Vietnam and now, looking at what’s happened in Afghanistan, Lippi sees the parallels.

“Well I think right now, I think it’s really tough and I sympathize with the Afghani people,” Lippi said.

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Vietnam was a different place, a war in a different time.

“When the Fall of Saigon for years, for years, after that happened my associates and friends or people I just met would call Vietnam veterans losers,” Lippi said.

However, Lippi says that gives him a unique empathy for the people of Afghanistan especially women.

“For the women, I feel bad although I’m hoping like I said earlier that things will materialize when it won’t be so bad for them,” Lippi said.

When watching the Taliban celebrate its return to power and watching American troops scramble to help with the evacuation Lippi feels for them, too.

“For the people that have sons and daughters over there in this 20-year period I feel for them I don’t think that it’s our loss over there, I do think we went over there for a mission, and we completed our mission and were out of there,” said Lippi.