LITITZ BOROUGH, Pa. (WHTM) — The Lititz Borough Police Department (LBPD) had some extra change to spare after someone paid their parking ticket in an unusual way.

“Parking tickets in Lititz we have them write for our meters and we have them sometimes the payments can be little unique,” said Stephen Detz, Detective Sergeant at the LBPD.

One driver, who got a $15 parking ticket, made his payment in the form of 150 dimes.

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“What was unique about this one was they mailed it, people typically pay their parking tickets in person,” said Detz.

The envelope used to mail the 150 dimes needed 13 stamps. At 60 cents per stamp, the person spent an extra $7.80 to make their unique payment.

“I’ll say that it did not make financial sense to me to spend $7.80 to mail $15,” said Detz.

It did make a lot of people chuckle. The story even went viral, which was not the plan but police say they hope the ticket payer gets the message.

“We just wanted to acknowledge to them that we got it,” Detz concluded.