Local attorneys explain impact lawsuits could have on future PA elections


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is planning to hear the Trump campaign’s challenge of more than 8,000 ballots in Philadelphia. While the lawsuit probably won’t impact the results of the presidential race it may have larger impacts for elections in Pennsylvania.

Attorney Lawrence Otter has a pretty strong stance on the many election lawsuits happening in Pennsylvania.

“Most of the challenges are nonsense. I would use a legal term of art that starts with bull and you can figure out the rest,” Otter said.

Attorney Matt Haverstick is involved in one of the legal cases he says isn’t nonsense.

“The argument is at least from our standpoint, the General Assembly was very clear: these mail-in ballots have to be signed and they have to have a date,” Haverstick said. “I think and I hope that the Supreme Court looks at this and says we’re not going to question the wisdom of that. That’s what the General Assembly wanted in the statute and we’re going to enforce it.”

He’s representing state senate candidate Nicole Ziccarelli who is within 30 votes of her opponent.

“That case unlike the national election for President really could and will depend on how some of these court cases turn out,” Haverstick said.

In Pennsylvania, where Joe Biden won by more than 80,000 votes, neither attorney thinks the lawsuits will make a difference for President Trump.

“Trump is wishing and hoping and he has neither here. He has no hope in Pennsylvania in any of these matters that are in the courts,” Otter said.

In an election that relied heavily on Pennsylvania’s brand new mail-in ballot system the lawsuits could have an effect on future elections.

“They’re important for Pennsylvanians going forward because some of the rules that we’ll iron out for what’s a lawful mail-in ballot or what’s not will be rules that we apply next year and the year after that and the year after that,” Haverstick said.


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