2 charged after 38 dogs taken from ‘deplorable’ home


NEW OXFORD, Pa. (WHTM) – Two people are charged with cruelty to more than three dozen dogs removed from their Adams County home.

Deborah A. Friedline, 57, and Barry Friedline, of New Oxford, had 38 Chinese Crested dogs and a cat living in “deplorable conditions” in their small home on Mount Misery Road, according to a criminal complaint filed by a Humane Society police officer for the Adams County SPCA.

Authorities say the pair did not provide necessary sustenance, potable water, or clean and sanitary conditions for the animals.

The officer and a trainee went to the home on Aug. 16 after a complaint from an anonymous caller. Deborah Friedline answered the door and told the officer 20 dogs lived there.

The dogs, with matted fur and feces on their bodies, were released to a fenced area outdoors.

When more dogs could be heard inside the house, Deborah Friedline told authorities she had two others.

The officer and a trainee went inside and found 18 dogs, most living in crates with excess feces. The odor of ammonia and feces was unbearable, and no potable water could be seen, the complaint states.

Deborah Friedline surrendered 15 dogs that were examined at the SPCA. Some of the dogs had chemical burns from urine and feces matted to their skin. They were dehydrated, had parasites, and were anemic due to hundreds of fleas living on them, according to the complaint.

The remaining dogs were then removed from the home.

Only two dogs were up to date on their rabies vaccines and none had current licenses, the complaint states.

Deborah and Barry Friedline are each charged with 39 counts of animal cruelty. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Sept. 25.

The dogs are receiving care and are not yet available for adoption.

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