’20/20′ episode to focus on Christy Mirack murder case, arrest


For over 25 years, authorities searched for the man who brutally murdered 25-year-old Pennsylvania teacher Christy Mirack.

This summer there was a major break in the case when world-renowned DNA detective CeCe Moore used DNA found at the crime scene, a genealogical website, and her own expertise with family trees to identify a potential suspect, Raymond Rowe, in just a few days from her living room.

ABC News Correspondent Ryan Smith reports on the decades of suspense that loomed over the case; how authorities surreptitiously collected the DNA of Rowe, confirming he was a near perfect match to the DNA left at the crime scene; and the arrest of Rowe, a 49-year-old husband and father, known as popular entertainer DJ Freez in his local community.

“20/20” airs on Friday 10 p.m. on ABC27.

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