Abuse victims rally for change, and lawmakers heard their voices

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History made, and then celebrated.

“For the first time, a 2-year window was passed overwhelmingly,” said Rep. Mark Rozzi. 

Victims sat on the rotunda stairs in solidarity, and with signage supporting the House’s decision to pass one of the recommendations made by the Grand Jury who oversaw the predator priest cases in several PA Catholic Dioceses. 

“Judgment day is upon, and this legislation will set the path straight,” said Rozzi. 

“Know that at the Office of Attorney General we are investigating the sexual ause of any Pennsylvanian wherever we find it,” said Josh Shapiro, PA Attorney General. 

However, the church isn’t the only place where you will find victims. A few of former Olympic doctor Larry Nassar’s victims spoke at the rally. 

“It didn’t dawn on me that the person I love, that the person I trusted, the person I would have called a member of my family had been digitally penetrating me for 17 years,” said Sarah Klein, First Known Victim of Larry Nassar. 

She says opening a two-year window will empower those who have been silenced by their abusers. 

“Without a window like this, you don’t get teh chance to hold these people accountable,” said Klein. 

Rozzi says the final vote should pass Tuesday, and it will then move to the Senate. 

Speakers at the rally had a simple message for those Senators who have just eight session days left. 

“Eight days to call the question of who we are,” said Rep. Vince Hughes. 

“Do your job,” said Rep. Rozzi. 

“You’re either going to stand with us, or we’re going to show the world that you’re standing with the pedophiles,” said Shaun Dougherty, Victim Spokesperson. 

They also had a message for predators and abusers who have been financially and criminally protected by statutes of limitations. 

“We are coming for you,” said Rep. Rozzi. 

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