Amazon ups pay and benefits for seasonal York, Cumberland and Lancaster hires


YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — With no bricks-and-mortar shelves visibly empty and no shortened store hours because of labor issues, the challenges for Amazon might be less visible than those for other giant retailers like Walmart.

But make no mistake: “Everybody is affected by this,” Steven Kelly said. He is an Amazon spokesman, speaking to abc27 news from a delivery station in south Philadelphia.

Amazon’s current push: hiring 500 seasonal workers in the Midstate at its facilities in York, Cumberland, and Lancaster counties. Those 500 would supplement the facilities’ 3,000 year-round full- and part-time employees.

To meet its goal, Amazon is offering seasonal applicants:

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  • $18-per-hour average starting pay (Amazon’s minimum pay is $15/hour)
  • Additional pay for overnight and weekend shifts
  • Signing bonuses (which vary by location)

More information and an application link are available here.

Kelly said seasonal workers who want to stay with the company will have plenty of opportunities to do so — the head of the company’s Reading warehouse began his career as a seasonal hire a decade ago, Kelly said. Year-round employees can get benefits like full-tuition subsidies, even if they don’t stay with Amazon forever.

“If you decide, ‘I’m really into IT. I’m a part-time employee here at Amazon. Amazon’s going to pay for me to go get an IT certificate or get a degree related to IT. And then I can leave and continue on in that, or I can stay at Amazon,'” he said.

The Midstate push isn’t unique — the 500 seasonal hires here will be among 150,000 seasonal employees Amazon hopes to hire nationally — but the region is particularly important to the company. Why?

“It’s a manufacturing and distribution hub,” Kelly said. “There are workers in southcentral Pennsylvania who are very skilled in this line of work.”

Just as it isn’t immune to labor shortages, Kelly confirmed Amazon isn’t immune to supply chain issues and post office slowdowns, although he said the company is navigating the challenges.

“We do use the post office,” he said. “But we also partner with UPS and FedEx. And our biggest thing are our delivery service partners,” which include everything from contracted cargo jets, to the “Prime”-branded 18-wheelers visible on Midstate highways, to the drivers who deliver packages to doorsteps.

Amazon has sometimes faced criticism for its employment practices. With nearly 1 million U.S. employees and 1.3 million around the world, Amazon is the No. 2 private employer in both the U.S. and the world, behind Walmart.

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