Annville veterans share thoughts on recent Taliban takeover in Afghanistan


ANNVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) — The swiftness of the Taliban takeover is a shocking development for American veterans from the Midstate.

Several veterans share that it can be heartbreaking to see a loved one deploy overseas, but many understand the mission of protecting our country and our troops.

At the VFW Post 8023 in Annville, United States Army veteran Tim Sholly says the Taliban takeover in the heart of Afghanistan is something that deeply concerns him.

“But what’s going on over there in Afghanistan I just don’t see any good coming from this,” Sholly said. The 22-year-active serviceman says he’s been overseas to places like Bosnia and was medically discharged from Iraq.

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In Afghanistan, he feels the weapons from the Taliban collected could give them more power. “We just gave them so much more weapons and support that they can enforce themselves so much harder over there, which of course I believe that in the future you’re going to see more terroristic attacks,” Sholly said.

Sholly says he’s been staying up to date with the details in Afghanistan, the chaos, and the evacuations. Sholly also says he can see how history can repeat itself.

“And the similarities are so chilling, to see the same thing happen again, it’s like why?” Sholly said.

After 20 years from where things stand currently, Sholly says, is mind-numbing.

“They have so much strength to rebuild right now to enforce their ways again it’s not funny, but now what do they plan to do with it? How long they enforce themselves strong enough,” Sholly said.

Yet, even past the turmoil, Sholly also believes there are many Americans that still want to stand up and protect our country.

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