Auditor General revisits past audits to see if agencies are implementing recommendations


Over the next two years, Auditor General Eugene DePasquale will be following up on more than 200 recommendations his office has made in the past. 

“I owe it to every single Pennsylvanian to make sure that every single one of these programs is operating as effectively as possible,” said DePasquale. 

The re-evaluation will focus on nine key audits and special reports. They include a 2014 audit that found better oversight was needed in the Department of Community and Economic Development’s job creation programs. 

A 2016 audit found tens of thousands of potential child abuse calls went unanswered at the state’s Child Line. 

A 2013 audit that found a lack of leadership and enforcement when it comes to dog laws. 

“There’s liberals, moderates, conservatives. Republicans, democrats, independents. Nobody, I mean nobody is anti-dog,” said DePasquale. 

Two years ago the Auditor General’s Office found a number of problems that resulted in more than 3,000 rape kits going untested in Pennsylvania. 

“The idea that there is any untested rape kit is outrageous to most Pennsylvanians, if not all,” said DePasquale. 

The Auditor General says these reviews will not be focused on problems that were found in the past, but rather on if the recommendations made had been followed up on. 

As well as what improvements the agencies may need to make going forward. 

“I will continue to demand accountability from each and every one,” said DePasquale. 

DePasquale says he does not expect any additional costs to be associated with these follow-up reports. 

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