16-year-old to attend college

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NEWVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) – Most 16-year-olds are in their second year of high school, but Big Spring High School student Aidan Rauscher is getting ready to take on college in the fall.

“From the very beginning, I knew we were dealing with a student that had incredible math skills and unbelievable work ethic,” said Robert McClure, a physics teacher at Big Spring.

At age 12, Aidan was taking high school classes with a love for learning.

“I think ever since elementary school, I’ve always had an interest in whatever class it was, whether it was science, English, social studies, I’ve always been interested in what I was learning about,” Rauscher said.

We caught up with Aidan during his AP literature class. A pop quiz was the first on the agenda, but Aidan enjoys physics the most. 

“When I got to physics, a lot of the concepts, especially like electricity and magnetism and stuff, really interested me,” said Rauscher.

Physics drew Aidan to a career in electrical engineering sooner rather than later.

“I sat down with my counselor and said this is my situation and I’m interested in doing this. What would that look like as a way to graduate early?” said Rauscher. 

With the help of his family and teachers, Aidan was ready for college. By the age of 15, acceptance letters from Penn State, Purdue and University of Pittsburgh were in the mail. Aidan chose Penn State’s College of Engineering. 

“I thought the Penn State engineering program would be significantly bigger, but really it’s not. My program has about 80 people in the graduating class, and so that kind of small community appealed to me, especially on a big campus. I’m a little nervous about the academics, but aside from that, I’m more just excited,” said Rauscher. 

Despite being a Notre Dame fan, Aidan is looking forward to attending football games. 

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