Camp Hill residents on hook for curb repairs

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Camp Hill Borough sent a letter last month to homes on March Drive. The letter stated that if homeowners don’t have needed work done by June, they could have a lien placed on their house. 

“There’s several cracks, but they’re not popping up. They’re still level. They’re still flat,” said Knolee Ann Figueroa. 

Figueroa and her four kids live on March Drive. It’s a street with cracked sidewalks and broken curbs. 

The borough will soon pave the road, and officials say homeowners need to repair or replace spots marked with white paint. 

“The average for just a few literal blocks, it’s a couple thousand dollars and many of us are struggling to stay in our homes and keep up with the upkeep of our families,” said Figueroa. 

She says the sidewalks and curbs are an issue but an expense residents shouldn’t be held completely responsible for. 

“Some of the damage that the curbs have sustained are from the snow plows and from things that are not under our control,” said Figueroa. 

Her neighbor, Devin Wingert, says the borough isn’t spending money in the right places. 

“They neglect their infrastructure. I mean, the roads looked like this for how long now and they’re finally paving it, but they give us four months to come up with thousands to do essentially work they put in anyway,” said Wingert. 

Homeowners have until June 19 to finish the work. 

The borough says sidewalks and curbs are a resident’s responsibility. 

“We would like to know as a community why they marked what they marked and why they are giving us a time limit and how they expect us to pay for that in full in just several months,” said Figueroa. 

For a neighborhood full of retirees and families that can’t afford spending several thousand dollars, Figueroa wants answers. 

We reached out to the borough manager for his response to these complaints. He declined to comment. 

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