Carlisle man’s collection takes up an entire warehouse, music to record hunter’s ears

Carlisle/West Shore

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) — This is Dennis Gotthard. “It’s a mess but I don’t apologize for that,” Gotthard said. This is his stuff. “It is what it is. People love to go through stuff like that,” he said.

Warehouses and garages can barely contain it and there’s no containing Dennis’ enthusiasm for things.

He used to own hardware stores. Now he owns everything. “I have like a thousand mannequins. I’m known as the mannequin guy,” Gotthard said. But those plastic bodies are no match for Dennis’s vinyl.

“There’s about 50,000 albums in here and they are categorized,” Gotthard said. He has 45’s and 78’s, which match his age. “Rolling Stones, they’re as old as me and one of these days when they stop, this will be real collectible,” Gotthard said.

But there’s no stopping Dennis, who buys records every week and has a warehouse that’ an international hit. “I’ve had buyers from may years from France, Brazil, Germany, and England that stay a mile away from here and pick my records for a day or two days,” Gotthard said.

“I just found Doors records and Dire Straits records and kind of alphabetical in d’s. Bunch of Devo but broken down by genre too,” Andrew Kahn said. We found collectors from Philly who love the records. The cameras, not so much.

“I don’t tell too many people about this. I hope you don’t broadcast this too widely. It’s a very special place for me, loving music and loving records and being able to come here and see this. Please don’t ruin it for me,” Kahn said.

Dennis loves the buying and the selling but mostly making other people’s day. “I had a guy say I have been looking for that for 20 years. 20 years?” Gotthard said.

He survived a stroke and a heart attack but Dennis refuses to dwell on that stuff. “I like doing what I do. What I like is seeing somebody smile when they get my records or get my mannequin. I love what I’m doing,” Gotthard said.

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