Carlisle police honor officer killed on duty 126 years later

Carlisle/West Shore

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) – When Corey Fuhrer joined an online ancestry program, he thought at most he would find a couple of cool details about his family.

That’s not what happened. 

“My first instinct was to go to my parents and say listen to this story,” said Fuhrer. 

That story was Officer George Martin’s, a story that his family didn’t know. 

“My great, great grandfather was his brother,” said Fuhrer. 

Martin was described as a decent man and police officer who came from a working-class family. 

“He appears to have been a very enthusiastic officer, and he was assigned to the precinct that he lived in,” said Randy Watts, a historian. 

In that precinct, he had run-ins with Charles Sallard, a career criminal who later murdered Martin in the area of East Louther Street in 1893. 

“Going back even a year or two prior, Sallard had made threats against the physical safety of officer Martin,” said Watts. 

It may seem futile to honor a man who was never on earth at the same time as us, but when Carlisle police Chief Taro Landis looks at his men now, he sees no difference from Martin back then. 

“Your service is not in vain. Your service is important to this community. Your service is important to the American way of life,” said Landis. 

With a plaque on the wall and a new notch in his family tree, Fuhrer says he feels pride for the relative he never knew. 

“It’s great to have a family member who served the community the way that he did and to be honored like this. It helps today’s police officers also remember that,” said Fuhrer. 

“A permanent memory of Officer Martin, and it reminds these officers who came before them,” said Watts.

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