CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) — Last week, abc27 told you about a mail delivery nightmare for people in the Carlisle area with some people waiting a week or more for their mail.

After our report aired, we heard from many others who were having problems and now we have learned that local elected leaders are getting an earful about it too.

Stacy Hodge is one of the many people in Carlisle, not getting mail at home. It also took quite a bit of work to get it. She had to fill out a form online, then wait in line at the post office for it. But after collecting a batch, she wonders, where’s the rest?

“I don’t believe this is all due to the fact it stops at the sixth. There’s one from the 11th in here, but it stops at the sixth. It’s now the 20th, so there’s 14 days,” Hodge said.

Hodge says she only knew how to request to pick up her mail from prior reports we have done here at abc27. Not from the post office. In fact, when Hodge asked to speak to a supervisor she was told there wasn’t one there. “When I asked for my mail they said somebody was on vacation,” Hodge said.

Hodge was waiting on her son’s medical card with a delivery date of October 1. She was also waiting on a check from a friend. Hodge’s frustrations aren’t going unnoticed.

We reached out to Congressman Perry’s office and they issued this response:

USPS is an independent agency of the executive branch of the federal government. As such, Congressman Perry and his staff are making every effort to get a thorough resolution from President Biden’s liasons but have thus far recieved none. Status quo is unacceptable, and we hope that our continued outreach with heightened awareness from the media will bring a renewed sense of urgency from the administration, and a swift resolution for the great folks of Carlisle.

The office of Congressman Scott Perry (R-PA 10)

On Wednesday, Oct. 20, US Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) also issued the following statement regarding the mail situation in Carlisle.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy continues to let down Pennsylvanians who depend on the US Postal Service. I hear daily from constituents about prescriptions and bills that are being delivered late, packages taking weeks to arrive and small business owners concerned about the impact of slow delivery on their business. For folks dependent on the mail for medication or living paycheck to paycheck, these delays are devastating. I call for the Postal Service and the Inspector General to examine and remedy the causes behind these delys and ensure the timely delivery of medication, ballots and other critical items.

US Senator Bob Casey (D-PA)

“This past Monday, all last Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, we haven’t gotten mail at all. My money, my bills, my life, my everything,” Carlisle Resident, Wendy Zimmerman said.

Some Carlisle mail isn’t being delivered. Why? One reason from the post office: “Skids and skids and skids of Amazon packages.” Add to that limited staff, and almost no one to sort the mail. We’re told postal carriers are the only ones allowed to do this.

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“They tell me the mail carrier that did deliver is retired! I was told from the Postal Service that all mail from my route has not been sorted and sitting in bins,” Zimmerman said. She has lived in Carlisle for 52 years and hasn’t gotten mail in a month.

She lives two blocks from the post office. Zimmerman was told if she filled out a form online her mail would be ready for pick up. “I expected all my mail laying out, sitting in a pile ready for me,” Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman told us she did what the Postmaster General told the public to do but still hasn’t gotten her mail. So I went to speak with State Rep. Barb Gleim, turns out, Zimmerman’s far from alone. “We are aware that people are doing what the postmaster said and still are not getting their mail,” Rep. Gleim said.

Gleim says she was told it’s because mail carriers have been absent, and the post office is waiting on help. But she wants to clear a few things up for concerned citizens. “So this is a federal problem, not a state problem,” I asked. “Correct,” Rep. Gleim said. “And the man who can help fix this Congressman Scott Perry?” “Correct.”

I also went to the Postal Service for answers again after it failed to address the specific questions we raise last week. I received no response.