College students form organization to restore civility in politics

Carlisle/West Shore

As the country mourns the death of President George H.W. Bush – a man many consider one of the most civil and understanding presidents of late – a group of Dickinson College students is trying to restore civility in politics through a new organization they formed as part of a class.

They call it “A House United: Rebuilding Respect“. The name was inspired by the 1858 “A House Divided” speech delivered by President Abraham Lincoln.

The group is led by senior Rowan Humphries and freshmen Cammie Charron and Carmen Canino. They hold periodic “Let’s Talk” sessions on campus, with all sides represented to discuss hot issues in a safe, respectful and fact-based environment.

They say in a time where everyone disagrees and everyone argues feelings and not facts, this type of movement is needed.

“We want to bring back discourse that is focused on policy and issues instead of just separating yourselves on two sides of a political spectrum,” said Humphries. “We’ve been really outraged how lately, politics have become so hostile and people just sort themselves into these groups and define themselves by one political identity and they’re not talking about issues anymore.” 

Their sessions are open to anyone, not just students.

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