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County commissioners say Sunoco a no-show at pipeline safety meeting

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) - "What am I supposed to do if this leaks? How am I supposed to get my wife out of the area if she can't walk? That's the biggest things I got to ask them," said Rolfe Blume.

A concerned husband and Cumberland County resident, Rolfe Blume just wants someone to hear him out. 

"She can't walk 10 feet without help, so if anything happens, she's fried," he added.

Mariner East Two cuts right through Blume's Upper Frankford Township property. It'll eventually carry millions of gallons of natural gas 350 miles across Pennsylvania. 

"Nobody has ever come around to tell us what to do, where to go," he said.

There's been silence too. In an August 13 letter, Cumberland County commissioners wrote to Sunoco that they were "disappointed to learn that the company recently canceled, apparently at the last minute, its expected attendance at a July 10 meeting."

When Sunoco's response letter didn't address that no-show, commissioners wrote back saying, "We assume that since you did not respond, that your company isn't interested in addressing those individual citizen questions and concerns."

"Come out and listen to the citizens because they have some concerns. They want to ask some questions. I don't think that's a lot to ask," said Commissioner Vince DiFilippo. "Sunoco has talked to emergency responders, that's great, we appreciate it, but you know, the everyday common citizen has some concerns. They have some questions."

In that same response that failed to address the no-show, Sunoco mentions safety, saying, "in Cumberland County, more than 150 responders have participated in six training sessions since 2014."

"What we are concerned about is public safety. If Sunoco can deliver this product and guarantee public safety, we're fine with it," said DiFilippo. 

For Blume, he's worried as the colder months creep closer. 

"We normally do heat this house with wood, but if that leaks and there's a wood fire going ... everything blows up," said Blume. 

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